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Sedona Arizona Courier Delivers in Major Snow Storm

and delivers ON TIME


Our Northern Arizona branch of Sameday Courier can handle anything.  The following is one example.

In April of last year, we had a job with a pick-up in Phoenix to go to Fruitland New Mexico.   There was a winter storm warning out for the next two days for Flagstaff and I-40 from Kingman to Winslow.  We could pick up in Phoenix on Friday, and deliver to Fruitland New Mexico, near the four corners, the next day by 10:00 am.

I packed an overnight bag and took a blanket and pillow, thinking that I’ll go straight through, and get near the delivery point, get a few winks, drop off and then head back.    But my family persuaded me to swing back home to Sedona and get a few hours rest in my own bed, which sounded good and I did just that, I had an uneasy feeling about the storm warnings.  So I set my alarm for 1:30am, and left by 2:00 am. 

When I left Sedona, it was lightly raining and not very cold.  The difference in elevation between Sedona and Flagstaff is over 2600 feet, and each have different weather.  As I drove through Uptown Sedona, at 2:00 in the morning, it was a complete vacant ghost town, and I pulled over and poured my insulated traveling mug full of coffee.  As I ascended highway 89A up Oak Creek Canyon, the rain intensified to the point I had to have my wipers on high speed.  About half way up the canyon, the rain suddenly turned white, and the snow was coming down.  I thought to myself, if it’s this heavy at this elevation,  I wonder how it is up on the top on the Mogollon Rim.  Every few hundred feet, the snow was getting thicker, the wind was swirling it around into white-out conditions.  The snow on the road was getting deeper, and at 2:00 in the morning, there was not a soul out there but me.  At this point, I had no choice but to keep on going, as this road is an extremely narrow two-lane with a drop-off of several hundred feet on one side, and a straight up cliff on the other, with no place to turn around even if I could see where I was going. 

As I ascended, the snow on the road was getting quite deep.  I was getting quite concerned about what’s ahead, but for the time being, my best friend and trusty Ford F350 Turbo Diesel Dually 4WD, (which I was using!) with over a half a ton of cargo in the back, I was doing fine. 

At this point I must mention that I lived in Northern Michigan – in the Keweenaw – and drove through the most extreme winter conditions in my truck, and I love and trust this truck in any weather.

I was nearly to the top when I met a snowplow coming down.  Yes!!  A pathway was cleared, for a little while.  The one lane pathway filled in quickly filled in, but I was up on the flats and out of the gorge.  But the going was still intense, with top speeds of about 20-25 mph.  Visibility was only about 25 feet in front of the truck.

I traveled the flats to the onramp of I-17, and was struck by a sight that I’ve never seen there before.  I couldn’t see the interstate highway.  It was as deep in snow as the rest of the landscape.  In the black of night, the street lights at the on-ramp clearly revealed that I was alone out there in a major snow storm at 3:00 in the morning.  There weren’t any vehicle tracks on the road anywhere, and I wondered if perhaps the interstates were closed.

I had no choice but to proceed into Flagstaff, where there should be some life somewhere, and rethink, regroup, and take a breather.  So I drove along I-17 to I-40 in at least of couple feet of snow, the only one leaving tracks.  The white out was continuing, so I pulled off at Little America five miles down I-40 to get out my laptop and check the radar. The radar revealed that I was smack dab in the middle of the worst part of the storm, and it wasn’t moving, so I couldn’t wait it out – I’d be there for hours and my delivery would be overdue.

I went into the lobby of Little America to ask the personnel  what the truckers are saying.  I-40 did have a few big rigs crawling along it.  They said that everyone is saying that it’s raining in Winslow.   Raining!!!  I thought, “I’m going to go on and bust out of this thing!”

I sat in the Little America parking lot, waiting for an 18 wheeler to pass by.  When one did, I got on the interstate and followed his tail lights and stayed in his tracks.  I followed him (not close enough to annoy him) for several miles.  It was snowing so hard that it was gathering on my wipers which wouldn’t wipe the windshield clear.  I had to have my window rolled down, and every time the wiper would come over to the left side I’d reach out and yank it outwards so it would snap back and the snow ball would come off.  Needless to say, with the window down, the heater was on full blast.

I heard on the radio and my laptop Road Conditions site that there was a big rig overturned in Winona, and sure enough there was.  Beside the big rig I was following, and a few others crawling on the opposite side of the road, this was the only life I saw so far on the interstate – emergency crews. 

The big rig finally pulled over – probably to rest, once things lightened up a little.  So now I was in the only one breaking tracks on I-40.  The snow on the road was finally getting less deep, and by the time I got to Winslow, it was indeed raining.  How do you spell relief?  Rain.

I put the pedal to the metal, felt like I was back in reality, and watched the sun come up over the Northern Arizona desert.  The skies in my rear view mirror were still as black as night.  That storm was still back there.

Even with the storm I was on schedule, and made it through safe and sound. 

From now on, I will listen to my instincts and my common sense.  If there are storm warnings out, keep on truckin’ and get beyond them.  Take your overnight kit and be safe.





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For the best rates, superior service, most up to date technology, and simple piece of mind, give us a call direct at 949-230-4193 949-274-1071 or 866.253-8192

Count on SAMEDAY Courier and Delivery For· Same Day Express Rush Northern Arizona California  and beyond · Overnight Deliveries· Routed/Pre-Scheduled Deliveries· Vehicles to serve you Box truck - Flat beds – Motor Cycles –Pick Ups-Cars· Bank Deposit Deliveries· Mail Retrieval & Deliver Service· Dedicated Driver By the Day Week Month· Passport Service· Medical· Legal· Process Service


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SAMEDAY Courier can deliver medical Specimens, documents, legal documents, freight, white glove service...You name it anything is possible  SAMEDAY Courier offers a range of services to make sure
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For the best rates, superior service, most up to date technology, and simple piece of mind, give us a call direct at 949-230-4193 949-274-1071 or 866.253-8192


Count on SAMEDAY Courier and Delivery For· Same Day Express Rush Northern Arizona California   Sacramento and beyond · Overnight Deliveries· Routed/Pre-Scheduled Deliveries· Vehicles to serve you Box truck - Flat beds – Motor Cycles –Pick Ups-Cars· Bank Deposit Deliveries· Mail Retrieval & Deliver Service· Dedicated Driver By the Day Week Month· Passport Service· Medical· Legal· Process Service

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